About "Blow the Dust Off"

Here at "Blow the Dust Off" our mission is to provide a simple method for sellers & businesses to turn overstocks, slow moving and redundant inventory into cash whilst saving buyers money!

Once the part number of the required item is known locating it is just the next step. Buying it at a lower price is simply a bonus! Buy truck parts, buy car parts, buy vehicle parts.

Both trade and retail purchasers pay standard industry prices when sourcing items from the manufacturer, distributor or their agent. Here at "Blow the Dust Off" sellers list clearance items and buyers search for them. Real savings can be made plus there is also the likelihood of obsolete and difficult to find items being located.

Sellers often have large stocks taking up space and costing them money! Here at "Blow the Dust Off" clearance stocks are listed for potential buyers to search by part number. By simply following a link registered members can immediately contact a stockist. Sell car parts, sell truck parts, sell vehicle parts.

Designed primarily as a trade, or business-to-business service, retail customers and non-registered users can also take advantage of the website to sell items, save money or even locate those difficult to find parts!

Blow the Dust Off invites all of its members and visitors to support Ben, the motor industry charity. Please visit their website using the link on the home page to see how you can help and for examples of the great work that they do.

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