Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to use the site?
Businesses register to become members. The basic service is FREE to both UK registered businesses and guests who upload their clearance items to the website and search for items by part number or description. On finding a part, members contact other registered members direct. As this is primarily a B2B service, for security reasons business users are required to provide a valid UK Companies House registration number.
How do I search for the part or item I require?
Best results will be achieved by using the manufacturer or original part number either in full or in part. (Example: 1234567 or shortened 12345) Select Multiple Applications for your initial search then narrow your search as required. You can also search using the description either in full or in part but when using the description you may see too many choices. Shortening the part number or description may assist you with your search so please experiment. When you have found your item you will be referred to the Registered Member Stockist or a Guest Referral Business.
I have found a supplier that has the part number I require,
how do I check it is correct?
More than one supplier may use similar part numbers so first check the item description. If the description is wrong begin your search again. Contact the seller to confirm the item is correct, check the price, any VAT and shipping costs and ask about the condition of the item. Check out their returns policy but please be aware you may be asked to cover the cost of return shipping. Clearance items tend to be older stock so request the date code if it has one.
I cannot find the part I require. Why not?
The part number may not currently be listed on the site or may be listed under an alternative part number. By using a search engine it may be possible to find alternative part numbers to allow you to repeat your search.
I have multiple supplier part numbers, but I still cannot find
the part I require. What can I do?
Part numbers with fewer characters for example "12345" may have been listed with a prefix indicating the maker or supplier. A prefix could be a single letter or an abbreviated name. Example - LUC - LUCAS

If you still cannot find your part it may still be possible to do so by contacting a distributor or Blow the Dust Off. Please note unless the item is actually listed on the site it may be newer stock and unlikely to be heavily discounted.
Do I pay Blow the Dust Off for items I wish to purchase?
The website is designed primarily to help businesses list clearance stocks and for trade buyers to locate discounted items. Payments are usually made directly to the registered businesses listing their products on the site or to a Guest Referral Business. Request a pro-forma invoice, check out the seller before making payments and for added security use Paypal or a credit card for all payments. Payments by bank transfer should be avoided unless you fully trust the seller. Direct customer sales by Blow the Dust Off may be added at any time depending on customer demand.
In the event of a dispute, will Blow the Dust Off help me get a refund?
Where Blow the Dust Off provides a B2B contact service for trade customers registered members are reminded that when buying or selling goods they are entering into a contract between the buyer and the seller. Blow the Dust Off are unable to intervene in B2B transactions completed outside of the website. However, should a buyer choose to pay either Blow the Dust Off or a Guest Referral Business any contract with Blow the Dust Off or the Guest Referral Business and would be covered by relevant EU and UK distance selling regulations and trading laws.
I am nervous about buying older stock. Are there any tips?
Most sellers will gladly tell you the actual condition of items as they are unlikely to want the hassle of processing returns. If you are still in any doubt, ask the seller to send you some photographs before making a purchase.
What is the best way to list items?
Only list clearance stocks and ensure part numbers and descriptions are accurate. Set a realistic price, add cross references and alternative part numbers to the also known as field, and add extra details to the description to assist buyers with searching and identification. Always delete sold items to avoid disappointment to other members and visitors. If you upload using spreadsheets rather than listing individual parts other registered members can immediately access and view your spreadsheets. Blow the Dust Off admin need a little time to add the contents of your uploaded spreadsheets to the searchable data base. For all members this additional work will initially be done free-of-charge but a separate charge will be introduced for this service in the future. Please view and edit all items after listing to ensure accuracy.
I am a registered member, please advise how I update my
company details or change my log in code.
Send us a message and we will assist. Please note we advise members to apply for a new log-in code if staff who have been given access to the website are no longer employed. New codes will only be sent to the registered email address. For security reasons it is not possible to change email addresses.

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