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All we need to do is put buyers and sellers in touch! - Blow the Dust Off

Mountains of vehicle parts are sitting on shelves, don’t buy new, buy new old stock! - Blow the Dust Off
Saved a fortune on my fuel sender, still in original packaging too. - ColinX The Merc Man.

Seller was a bit slow getting part to me but we got it in the end - Jimmy Dumfries

Worked for me but I had the part number - JJ Coventry

Not found anything I wanted yet, living in hope. - Peter T

Success - Graham B

Not convinced it was a bargain when postage was added. - Mo J

Sellers need to respond to enquires quicker. - TC Bradford

Description was spot on, fast delivery too. - Tony and Sally love VW Transporters

Happy Days, £250 saved, item was brand new. - Paul S VOLVO FH

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