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You need to be a registered stockist/supplier to upload here.
If you are not registered, please register above or use our Guest pages.

To upload parts directly to our website, you must first be a registered stockist/supplier, and as such, have a unique "Stockist Code" which you can use to upload your parts, either individually, in multiples or as a job lot, the latter two options using spreadsheets. Include as many details as possible about your parts: number/code, description, manufacturer, year of manufacture, shelf life, quantity, condition, etc.

cog Upload Single Part allows you to upload parts one at a time.

XLS Upload Multiple Parts allows you to upload many parts using a spreadsheet
(download model spreadsheet here).

XLS Upload Job Lot allows you to upload a job lot using a spreadsheet
(download model spreadsheet here).
Please ensure that your spreadsheet has a suitable title, for example "Lucas Electrical Parts".


We recommend that you delete parts from the database once they have been sold ("Edit/Delete Parts").

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